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So it may not come as a surprise to know that the USA has some of the most beautiful and unique finds in their diverse antique and vintage stores around the country!

We recently spent 6 months traveling around the USA (in an RV!), searching for amazing places, people and experiences! What we also found were some of the most incredible antique stores we've ever seen!  Here's our guide to antiquing and vintage store shopping coast to coast through the southern states!

Firstly, you may wonder what the difference is between an antique store and a vintage store.

It varies from store to store however a easy way to look at it is that an antique store holds a variety of items ranging in age, some on consignment, estate sales, curated pieces and donations.  A vintage store is usually more carefully selected pieces, curated the same way as antique stores, but also curated from antique stores themselves.  Because of this in our experience Vintage stores can at times be more expensive. With that said, there is generally less stock, therefore usually what they do have is good quality and hand picked.

So without further ado, here's our top 5 absolute favourite antique and vintage stores thus far!

1. Austin Antique Mall, Austin TX

Seriously, this place is amazing! 30,000 square feet of antique brilliance! Everything from clothing to furniture - but of course our focus was on the clothing. There is the largest range of formal and prom dresses reigning from the 50s that we've seen. Overall the selection was massive and diverse!

What also makes Austin literally the BEST city for antique stores is the fact that there are SO MANY! There's a great website with a map so that you can plan out your vintage shopping. Find that here at the Vintage Around Town Guide!

2. Flashback, Memphis TN

The staff at this vintage store are friendly and helpful, which makes the experience here one of the best! Great range of beautiful vintage clothes, swimsuits, hats, bric a brac, furniture and more.  Well worth the visit!

3. New Orleans, LA

I've listed the city rather than a specific store, as there are so many worth visiting! This article has some great stores listed but in short, there are two main areas which they're located - the French Quarter, and Magazine Street. The French Quarter have some fascinating finds and a lot of military memorabilia, whereas what I found is that Magazine Street had more clothing and accessories.

4. Eureka, CA

Again, many lovely vintage stores in Old Town, but a couple worth noting are Shipwreck, and Little Shop of Hers.

5. Ferndale, CA

This town in itself is worth visiting as it's a living piece of history! It has been used for many movies and tv shows over time for it's authentic vintage appearance.  There are a number of fantastic vintage and antique stores here, and we found some antique sewing patterns, a gorgeous antique telephone and more! The local mercantile store has an antique store and display upstairs with you must wander up to see when you visit! Golden Gait Mercantile website

So that concludes our top 5! Where are your favourite antique stores located? What do you go hunting for when you vintage shop? Feel free to comment below!

Stay tuned for our vintage clothing shopping guide! What to check for, how to know authenticity, and of course, how to check sizing!

That's all for now...

Rebecca x

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