Behind the Scenes... Aerotec


Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture Fashion shoot

Hey there Greasers and Dolls!

Following on from our behind the scenes look into our Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture photoshoot, our second location was incredibly unique!

Aerotec Queensland is located in Toowoomba.  They specialise in flight training, joyrides, restoration and maintenance of Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft.  Aside from the incredible Warbirds you would expect to see from such a place, they also have a plethora of other vehicles including vintage army bikes, jeeps, a vespa, and many other antique paraphernalia!  Plus the Aerotec guys were perfect hosts, and very knowledgeable on their amazing pieces of history.

So what more can be said about Aerotec than WOW WOW WOW!

The Cherry Bomb dresses which we chose to shoot at this location are classically designed vintage styles to compliment the aircraft and vehicles - and we think they turned out just perfect!

The sass was strong with our gorgeous Cherry Bomb Dames Fifi La Rouge and Renee, as they modelled some of our most anticipated designs!

So for now that's a wrap folks!

I think we earned that post-shoot ice cold drink from the Wright Bar (quite fitting really)!

Yours in Vintage Couture,

Rebecca x

Cherry bomb vintage couture aerotec fashion shoot

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