Vintage Fashion Faves History - Pillbox Hats

Here at Cherry Bomb HQ we love to learn about the story behind various vintage styles!  By knowing the background of an item you can use it more accurately and fashionably with your outfit.

Today we’d like to share with you the history of the classic Pillbox Hat!

While made famous by Jackie Kennedy in the 1960’s, the pillbox hat actually originated in the 1930’s (1932 to be exact) by Gilbert Adrian as costume design for Greta Garbo in the film ‘As you desire me’.

It rose in popularity during the wartime era, and maintained style status through to the late 60’s.  

Over time the style evolved, starting as a rather flat small pillbox style hat worn on the side of the head (tilted), through to the large height pillbox hat style worn at the top of the head in the 1960’s.

Pillbox hats can be simple hat with no embellishments, velvet, lace, netting, and fully embellished formal style.

We’re all for making Cherry Bomb dresses your own, however our style suggestion for dresses to be worn with Pillbox hats are anything that you’d like to dress up, or that are a more structured style such as Bettie, Hedy (of course!), and Eva, and Brigitte!  Think classic structured outfit styles and prints, and solid colours rather than soft flowing light floral floaty outfit styles.

I’d love to see how you style your pillbox hats!  Please share your outfit looks on our social pages or comments!

Yours in Vintage Style,

Bec x



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